I can help you prepare your non-fiction book, memoir, essays, stories or novel for the marketplace or move successfully beyond your writer’s block or anxiety.

But more than that I can help you get to the heart of what you want to say and write the work that has meaning for you. As a writer, you have something important you want to say. As your writing coach or editor, I can help you clarify what you know and value–and help you artfully bring to the world the unique message you have to share. If you’d like, I can also introduce you to the writing- as-art process.

The ways I will work with you as a writing coach or editor are straightforward and simple:

  • I will respect and support what you create.
  • I will always read your writing in two ways. First, I’ll read for what you want to say and why. Second, I’ll read as others (such as editors, agents or publishers) might. I’ll tell you what works in your writing and what readers need to know.
  • Together, we’ll talk about how you can shape what you’ve written into a strong and compelling manuscript.

Fundamentally, as your writing coach or editor, I will help you find a relationship to writing that is skillful, productive and successful. I’ll show you how developing an effective writing process leads to developing a successful writing project–and how a writing process that works for you once will work again and again.

Like many writers, you’ve probably gotten plenty of criticism and not nearly enough support or praise for your work. I won’t just red line, criticize or only tell you what’s wrong with your manuscript. As your writing coach or editor, I will help you care for and nurture your writing–so it can take root, flourish and grow. We’ll work with and build on your writing strengths in an honest and affirming process. That way you’ll feel safe to try new things and take the important creative risks that are essential for you to write fully, completely and with success.


I can help you with:



You’ll get:

  • Insight from a freelance book editor and help in marketing your project successfully
  • A writing coach who is an ally, partner and mentor
  • Support in manuscript writing when you need it or continuously through your project
  • Help clarifying what you want to write and why
  • Techniques to translate your professional skills into compelling writing
  • Editing and detailed response to your manuscript
  • Specific skills you need to write more effectively

I can offer you:

  • On-going support for your novel or memoir writing
  • Quick turnaround (usually within a week)
  • The ability to work from just your idea or with partial or complete manuscripts
  • An hourly rate so you can anticipate and project costs
  • Flexible hours, approaches and methods
  • The chance to work in person, via phone or on line