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For initial consultation please Email: info@cindyshearer.com or call today: 415-492-8410

Why work with me? We write both to express ourselves and to communicate with others. This means our writing projects need to come from the heart and convey what we care about. They also need to be well structured and use forms and conventions that engage readers and help them to read. As a coach or an editor, I can help you create writing that has heart and makes wise use of structure.

Biographical Information I have been a writer/artist, professor, writing coach, and consultant for almost thirty years. With on-going ties to literary, academic, business and professional writing communities, I work with all kinds of writers and all types of writing projects. I have worked with literary and visual artists, genre writers, and authors from a wide variety of professions including attorneys, psychologists, academics, journalists, engineers, documentary filmmakers, and screenwriters. I’m a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California, where I teach in the MFA programs. I also offer workshops and seminars– and have developed and offer training in Writing as art, a process that allows writers to explore the aesthetic aspects of writing and to create works of text and image. In 2001, I created Ten Not-So-Tangible Tools for Writers, a meditation on writing in text and image. I have a Doctor of Arts (D.A.) in English from the State University of New York at Albany (1982).

I charge $115.00 per hour and bill in tenths of an hour for the time I put into your project (for example, reading your manuscript, preparing comments, editing, writing an e-mail to you or talking with you in person or by phone). If we talk on the phone, you can call me at 415-492-8410