Writing Coach - Dr. Cindy Shearer
Helping you with your writing project.

Although every writing project is unique, here are some illustrations of how I could edit your work or coach you in specific situations.

You have always wanted to write a novel. You’ve a story you want to tell. But, before you write, you want to know what makes a novel succeed and sell.

I can help you:

  • find the dramatic core of your story and create a vision and structure for your book that you can rely on again and again.
  • understand the key elements of well-crafted and highly-marketable fiction
  • develop the skills you’ll need to write fiction successfully
  • create powerful characters and story lines that others will rush to read.

You are a professional (psychologist, medical doctor, attorney, health practitioner, educator, financial advisor, business owner) who wants to write a mass-market book out of your experience with clients. You are a competent writer with a lot to say. You want to know how to land an agent and a publishing contract and how to turn what you know into an accessible and successful book.
I will help you:

  • translate your professional skills and expertise into compelling writing
  • hone your vision and create a unique pitch for your book
  • prepare a gripping book proposal and powerful sample chapter that will allow agents to see the many positive benefits and the important experience you’ll bring to readers.

You want to write a memoir. You believe your personal story will offer a “good read” and are willing to write honestly and accurately about the hard and happy events that have shaped who you are.
I will:

  • help you take the project from the slim thread of an idea to a ready-to-market book
  • show you non-fiction techniques that will let you write with depth and shape your life’s events into a dramatic and compelling story
  • be supportive of and thoughtful about the sometimes difficult personal and literary choices you’ll have to make as part of writing your book

You’ve traveled, and you want to bring your experience and the expertise you’ve developed to a wide audience. You want to write some pieces or maybe a book.
I can help you:

  • find the core of each piece and shape it into work that is focused, centered, sequenced and engaging
  • use a “voice” that appeals to and invites lay readers into your writing
  • define and make use of the unique assets (such as professional quality photographs) that can accompany your text
  • turn short pieces into chapters with themes that create a vision and structure for your book

You’ve written a novel and sent it off to several agents (or publishers) who have passed on it. You want to know what you must do to sell this book
I will:

  • read the novel focusing, first, on finding the book you want to create and, second, on what will draw agents to it
  • determine the novel’s strongest assets and unique features and work with you to create a plan for revision that builds on your book’s literary strengths and commercial assets.
  • help you develop a persuasive query letter that results in agents and publishers asking to read your entire manuscript

You’ve written a lot– professionally and personally. But now you want something more. You want to find your literary self and see what you can do artistically.
I can help you:

  • Be playful with elements of craft (such as image, voice, rhythm and perspective) so you can experience more range and dexterity in your writing
  • Bring your heartfelt message to readers with more beauty and depth
  • Explore and write about key images in your work
  • Use drawing and image-making as ways of initiating and deepening your writing
  • Create a writing environment that supports you artistically and allows you to take creative risks
  • Work with literary forms and methods that engage and excite you

You are a visual artist. Now you want to bring writing to your visual work.
I can help you:

  • Explore and play with the dynamic relationship between words and images
  • Write about and examine core images in your work and use them to develop innovative and compelling writing/art forms
  • Create writing-as-art objects (such as postcards, mixed-media books, boxes) that build from both text and image
  • Bring your visual sensibility and artistic skills to your writing