Writing Coach - Dr. Cindy Shearer

“Working with Cindy over the past two and a half years has provided me with the structure and continuity I needed to undertake and sustain a book-length writing project. Cindy has been my guide and support throughout the process. She has a unique ability to look at a first draft and see what is there, rather than what is not. Her attention to the elements of the craft of writing has helped me enormously in refining my writing. Her constant insistence that I go deeper has pushed me to unearth meanings that lay under the early drafts, so that my writing has become much more layered and complex.”

“While she is always ready with ideas for spurring creativity, or moving through blocks she does not have a fixed method, rather she brings to each of our sessions a a highly individual and focused attention. In this way she has been able to provide the kind of help or critique I needed when I needed it. Her years of experience working with writers of all kinds has given her a depth of understanding of the writing process has been invaluable to me. Cindy is always terrific at jump starting me out of a slump. Writing can be a very lonely endeavor; having the right person on the inside of the process with you may mean the difference between quitting and sticking it out.” (L.Flynn, Oakland, California)

“when I found cindy shearer and her offer “writing as art” via internet i was very excited – what I read in the announcement did exactly match what I was looking for. as an artist in concrete and visual poetry and in my profession as a writing teacher and coach in germany, i was interested in mainly three items:”

“first i wanted to develop my own creative process. since my work is interdisciplinary, i am always on the edge and crossing borders of the arts – coming from fine arts across with poetry with movement with sound a.s.o. i am always scoping my own way, and i am looking for colleges and ways to develop my craft and creative process.”
“second, i also wanted to develop my work as a writing teacher and coach, too. although i see a clear distinction between my own art work and me supporting others in their own expression, the two processes meet each other within a vivid person – me. so i was (and am) always looking for good possibilities to develop my teaching and coaching skills, too.”
“third i was looking for orientation and improvement of my professional network. working as a writing- and creativity-teacher in germany is still some kind of unusual. i am a free-lancer, going my own way, that is almost unique, so there a very few models for my teaching, coaching and arts work.”
“now you have an idea about my hopes and interests i carried inside, when I contacted cindy per email if she wanted to work with me about three years ago. although language still causes some troubles–I am so happy, that all my hopes and expectations were fulfilled in my work with cindy. even more: in her i found the very sensitive, competent, respectful, honest and encouraging teacher i was looking for but probably not able to define so. in this she is also a model of a colleague for me in my teaching-profession, too.”
“i wish to continue working with cindy as long as possible and it is one of my secret but strongest dreams once to come to s.f. and join her present courses.”

“thank you from the depth of my heart, cindy.”
(k. hof, hamburg germany)